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Smart Living Versatile Showerhead
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The Smart Living Versatile Showerhead will transform your shower experience. The articulating arm of this unique showerhead is designed to fit any bathroom without plumbing or anchoring. The flexibility of the new Smart Living Versatile Showerhead allows you to customize the height and direction that's right for you. This beautifully designed showerhead will enhance your bathroom decor without compromising power or performance while offering these benefits:
Fits all bathroom fixtures
Innovative adjustable design
Hard water resistant silicone rubber spray tips
Easy to install without plumbing or anchoring
Durable chrome and brushed nickel plastics
Variable water flow options
Includes the following:
Smart Living Versatile Showerhead unit
Pressure controller
Rubber seal with screen
Teflon Tape
Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee & 1-year Warranty
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