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Hagane Ratchet Lopper
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Temporarily Out Of Stock
Ingenious ratcheting action for easy, assisted cutting
Extra narrow handle spread, ideal for individuals with smaller hands
Nylon fiberglass liner for a clean finish on every cut
Includes the following:

How to use a ratchet pruner / lopper:
1. Open pruner or lopper all the way.
2. Place pruner or lopper on the subject branch, as far into the jaw as possible.
3. Squeeze the handles together, advancing the blade through the branch with minimal effort.
Once you feel increased handle resistance, STOP squeezing.
4. Open the shear slightly until you hear a definite CLICK. Again STOP and do not open the blade any further.
5. Squeeze again, repeating steps 3 and 4 to completely finish the cut. Do not pull or rip fibers.
Warranty: Ratcheting Hagane Tools are covered under our unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Replacements and repairs will be completed free of charge (not including shipping and handling) at the discretion of Hagane Tools.

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